Monday, August 07, 2006

Networked Economy - Bo Harald

Networked Economy - Bo Harald

Bo Harald has a very good point in his blog when mentioning that there is a need for effective learning in the market space, in order for "new practices" to come alive. Excellent point highlighting the biggest problem in marketing. Marketers are not putting emphasis on understanding how social phenomenon occur, but feel in many cases that it is more important to tell about the features of their products and services. His case of building systematically and long-term e-banking consumption practice for Nordea's (largest bank in Nordic countries) clients is a good case, of how people are prepared to take on new practices (if the practice at hand is valuable per se).

Concerning learning, I would especially put emphasis on "mundane learning" through imitation. Formal learning is out, as nobody seems to be prepared to open a for example a manual anymore. Professor Mika Pantzar has some good points about this. There is for sure need of more "thinking" in this field. I guess Teemu Arina's blog is a part of the developments happening in the field of pedagogics.


At 9:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You wrote about Nordea's e-banking as an example of a new practice. I began to think about practices and how they are changing. At what stage can you say that an old practice has changed into a new practice? That is, how big part of the practice has to change that you can say the practice (eg. paying bills) has turned into a new practice? Is e-banking in every sense a new practice or is it actually the same practice only performed using a more advanced tool?

At 6:27 PM, Blogger Oskar Korkman said...

Very good comment!
You are actually very right and pinpointing a very difficult questions. Now after some thinking I would say that there are no such thing as a new practice, only new forms of practices. Although for instance Mika Pantzar would said that there are "elements" of practices that can suddenly come together into a new practice. I cannot, however, come up with any examples in which the logic of the practice would not have existed before. It is basically about defining how much a practice should change in order to be new. I do not think anybody have done that, yet!
Maybe you could do it ; )


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