Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Practice Forum 191206

Vectia arranged together with Kulta project today a forum for discussion on practice theory. Elizabeth Shove, Matt Wattson, Mika Pantzar and I spoke at the event. The objective of the event was to engage business people in the discussion about the opportunities to use practices as the unit of analysis when analysing market phenomenon.

8.00-8.15 Welcome! (Oskar Korkman)
8.15-8.45 Practices and consumption: UK experiences (Elizabeth Shove, Matt Wattson)
8.45-9.00 Discussions
9.00-9.20 Practice Design - possibilities to integrate the approach into everyday marketing (Oskar Korkman)
9.20-9.30 Discussions - can this be applied? how could this be applied?
9.30-9.50 Commentary (Mika Pantzar)
9.50-10.00 Ending the event

Participants from the following companies attended: Nokia, Huhtamäki, Fazer Bakeries, Fujitsu, SOK, Elisa, Atria, Kone, RAY, YIT, Neste Oil. The atmosphere was great! Practice theory is the future! The participants provided great comments, which helps to develop Practice thinking further.

Practice theory can/ and should have implications on how we discuss:
  • MARKET DEFINITION: markets as practices
  • MARKET INSIGHTS: ethnographic insight and historical practice analysis for understanding practices as markets.
  • MARKET MAKING: the objective of the company is to construct practice- not please customer needs.


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