Friday, September 15, 2006


I had an excellent opportunity to meet some great professionals in marketing and design today in London concerning the relevance of practice theory for practitioners. Elizabeth Shove had an excellent introduction to the theme, after which the practical implications were discussed.
I told also about my cases, and the ways I have applid the approach in consulting assignment.
Overall very inspiring for me to discuss about practice theory in a UK context.

I was especially eager to hear the about the view of companies as Intel and Unilever that uses extensively ethnographic approaches in their research.

I had to leave early, but it the conclusion appeared to be that the practice approach is interesting and well worth considering as an alternative to other paradigms. One conclusion was clearly that practice focus is not a tool, but a perspective.

Simon from Intel promised to make notes, so I will review those when I get them an perhaps post another reflection on the event.


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